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  • Words in the Time of Corona

    Words in the Time of Corona

    Writing in COVID quarantine is easy. Writing something worth reading is not. While I feel this piece will fall in the latter camp, I’m here. And this now, is here as well.

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  • 10 Steps to DIY File Your LLC in New York

    10 Steps to DIY File Your LLC in New York

    Hypothetically, if you live in New York and wanted to establish an LLC on your own, is it possible? Yes. Is it difficult? Not particularly. As such, for pure entertainment purposes, here’s a step-by-step process for doing so.

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  • The Five-Minute Favor

    The Five-Minute Favor

    In business and life, any five-minute favor is worth your time. Give without any expectation of return, and good things will happen.

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  • Don’t Trident my iPhone, Apple.

    Don’t Trident my iPhone, Apple.

    Product vs packaging. Is the packaging simply something to be taken at face-value, or is it a symbol of something more important? Something more “make-or-break”.

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  • Flush the Flushing

    Flush the Flushing

    Pet peeves. We’ve all got them. In fact, to some of you, the expression “pet peeve” may be one of them. But don’t tell that to Merriam-Webster. I digress. As a former student of journalism and lover of language, many of my peeves were born of use, overuse, or misuse of words, phrases and expressions. […]

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  • Always Call Customer Service. Always.

    Always Call Customer Service. Always.

    They say everything is negotiable. Maybe that’s an overstatement, but so few people really take full advantage of that maxim. I’m not just talking about negotiating on price; in fact, I’m not going to address “haggling” at all. Instead, let’s discuss customer service with regards to past purchases. In the 5+ years that I’ve been […]

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  • Free Time? Not Free.

    Free Time? Not Free.

    More free time. That’s what everyone wants, right? You know–Working for the weekend. Retirement. But what is free time, really? A couple hours to binge Game of Thrones or catch up on The Bachelor. (They tell me that The Bachelor escaped the house, made a break for it, and was on the lam. “They” are […]

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