Overlooking a river

I am

…a creative entrepreneur and real estate investor perpetually looking for new, enriching experiences.

My professional background lies primarily on digital advertising sales with career stops at BlackBook Media, Rolling Stone, Guest of a Guest, Esquire, Men’s Health, Popular Mechanics, Hearst Media Solutions, and Mobkoi.

Beyond the four walls of the advertising, marketing and PR world, I’ve launched four startups, Pour My Party, Koality Holdings, UPlanMe and Gimme Dat Beet.

Pour My Party creates unforgettable spirits tastings at weddings and events in the New York area. If you or someone you love is getting married, and you want to add something special that is more unique than a photo-booth, food truck, or cigar roller, you should probably check us out.

Koality Holdings invests in distressed residential properties in the Detroit metro area that we renovate and rent out to local residents. On the flip-side, we help homeowners in need of quickly unloading a house by taking that burden off their hands at a fair price with a hassle-free closing.

In 2022, we got into the short-term rental market, with our Vermont ski-country rental property, Honeypot Farmhouse. We designed and decorated the property ourselves and are thrilled with the end result. Book us for your family’s next all-season countryside/mountain getaway.

UPlanMe began as a consumer-facing “smart calendar” app that updated itself automatically with each users favorite concerts, sports schedules, TV shows, restaurant specials, and nightlife events. After a year, we pivoted UPlanMe to serve as marketing software for small businesses.

Gimme Dat Beet served as an Amazon affiliate site specifically focused on Vegan foods and kitchen appliances.

Beyond starting businesses, I write (obviously) and occasionally paint.

I live in Brooklyn, New York with my beautiful, smart, sweet, funny, doctor wife, Jami.

Me and my wife Jami
The Doctor and me (Barcelona, 2015)