Relationships The Soft Sell

Where You Sit Determines What You See

The next time that you’re at odds with someone in a context where coming to an agreement is beneficial for everyone, try switching seats with the other person to see for a moment from each other’s eyes.

Goals Productivity

Track and Ye Shall Achieve

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” In Decoding Greatness, Dr. Ron Friedman suggests we track our progress to find success through something he deems “The Scoreboard Principle.”

Goals Hustle

Would You Walk from NYC to LA for $1MM?

If I asked you “Would you walk from New York to Los Angeles for 1 million dollars,” …you’d consider it… and probably come to the conclusion that as good of a deal as it sounds in principle, in practice it just doesn’t sound realistic… [but] if we take a deep breath and break down our lofty goals and tough questions into bite-sized chunks, we begin to find clarity.

Hustle Sales The Soft Sell

How to Do Email Right: The Perfect Subject Line

An email subject line should simply prompt the recipient to take action and open your email. Once they open your email, you’ll have a bit more space to lay out your “arguments”, but first things first.

Sales The Soft Sell

Be Gracious in Defeat

To be gracious in defeat simply means that learning to “fail well” is a critical skill for any salesperson. A “good loss” should be the first step towards our next win.

Sales The Soft Sell

The Soft Sell

“The Soft Sell” is all about building trust and establishing rapport. The sales process should be win/win, and no one likes a sleazy seller. Together, we will explore how to succeed in sales without compromising your values.

Hustle Networking

How to Get [Almost] Anyone’s Email Address

Emailing strangers is crucial to most successful people in business. Here’s the step-by-step process I use to get almost any email address for free.

Hustle Startups

One Calendar to Rule Them All

What if I told you that all you need is “One Calendar” to get organized, stay motivated, hold yourself accountable, and ultimately find success in business and life?

Hustle Positivity SMBs

How to Make Money During the New Normal

Many Americans have found themselves struggling to make money during the pandemic. While our current situation can seem overwhelming, it is not impossible to get back on our feet. This is not investment advice, but is an action-plan to find new sources of income.

Marketing SMBs

When Life Hands You a Pandemic, Make Cocktails

Make sense of new consumer alcohol consumption trends during the coronavirus pandemic so that we can make smarter business decisions and drive more revenue.